From Cary Grant to David Beckham – The Kent and Curwen Story

In 2015, David Beckham became brand ambassador and creative lead for the designer clothing brand Kent and Curwen. The match between football celebrity and gentlemen’s tailor may at first sight, seem an odd one, until that is you learn some of the history behind this famous British brand.

While the ties and garments made by this famous British label may have used to belong in the officers and cricket clubs of traditional England, the likes of Mick Jagger and Paul Weller have made brand more popular.

Now that David Beckham is on board with the brand, the latest range from the fashion house is sure to make its mark on the fashion world. It’s the perfect combination of the traditional and the modern.

The synergy between David Beckham and the old traditional British fashion label runs deeper than the Three Lions logo that the England football team and the brand share; it’s also a match of sporting tradition.

Established in 1926 by Eric Kent and Dorothy Curwen the fashion brand began life as a small Saville Row tie maker, but by the year 1929, they had already become a supplier of ties to Oxford and Cambridge universities.

By 1930, Kent and Curwen ties were

5 Useful Ways to Save Money on Clothes

Clothes can be cool and expressive, but soon gets expensive for those wishing to stay in touch with the latest fashions. If you find clothes shopping busts the budget, you may want to adopt the right strategies to save a little money. Here are a few tips to help save money on clothes:

Generic basics

When it comes to buying items of clothes like plain t-shirts or tank tops that are worn under other things, you may want to simply go with the generic basics. This can save a lot compared to the brand name item and no one is likely to see the items anyway. It is best to keep the label stuff for the outer layers when wanting to show off.

Shop out of season

Buying items in opposite seasons is a great way to save on clothing throughout the year. Winter clothes can be bought in spring and summer clothes in late fall. Out of season item are often on heavy discounts in retail stores, and this is done in an effort to free up space for the latest season items. While it may seem weird to be buying a thick sweater just as the weather starts to warm up, it

Gentleman Sport Style: 5 Essential Tips

The first step to be respectable is to look respectable. So, whether you are potato couch, a working professional or an athlete, dressing like a pro is important. Even the sporty look can surface the real gentleman within you if you pair the ensemble the right way. Always dress stylish, but keep it simple and the trend shall follow. Wonder how can a sports style look elegant and subtle? Listed below are some of the quickfire tips that can make both the ends of men’s meet effortlessly. Gear yourself with the simple ideas and be a trend-setter instead of following the herd.

Keep it subtle
The sporty look is mostly confused with the funky appearance. This is the reason why people think that the athletic appearance won’t go well on a gentleman. This is not true! You can don a sophisticated appearance even in athleisure attire unless you are dressed up like Kanye West. Instead of going with the baggy and jazzy attire, try the sleek ones. Keep the entire ensemble elegant and try to hit the right note in between being stylish and going over-the-top. The sport-inspired look should not be very boyish. Ditch the slogan t-shirts and try the

How Does Fashion Influence the Lives of Students?

This is an era of fashion and fashion is very influential to our lives. In fact, it adds diversity to our lives by offering an aspect of enthusiasm to strive for something new and different, otherwise it would be a monotonous life if we were supposed to dress up and act in the same manner.

Fashion is an expression of a distinctive style particularly in clothing, footwear, accessories or makeup. It belongs to the style of doing something, looking different and dealing with others. It encircles a wide range of categorization like behavior, speech, actions, manners and lifestyle. There is much intellectual discussion over fashion and clothing and their importance within present day society. Fashion and clothing can be defined as many things that hold our society together. Fashion can be defined as an existing norm or style of dress, manners and way of socializing, whereas clothing is defined as garments collectively. If fashion and clothing were eliminated from our lives there would be no room for individuality and the world’s population would be the same. There also would be a loss of the distinctions between social classes, which was much defined in the 18th century but is still present today.

3D Printed Fashion – Is This the Choice for the Future?

3D printing has revolutionized production in many industries. Right from making custom automobile parts to special prosthetics in the medical world, this is a technology that promises new things in years to come. It is also used actively in prototyping and has allowed designers to try new things without spending half of the initial budgets as before. No wonder, the fashion industry has acknowledged the use of 3D printing, and there are a few brands that focus on clothing and accessories are created out of this technology. So, is 3D printed fashion the next big thing? Let’s take a look at some of the aspects.

Why 3D Printing May Work for The Fashion Industry?

Fashion is one industry that focuses on creative and innovative ideas. In short, designers, labels, and brands try their best to avoid repetition. As such, the whole process of designing needs to be streamlined, and as we focus on art and aesthetics, it is also important to reduce the costs and expenses. 3D printing offers that kind of flexibility, for extremely low costs. You can modify, change, and redesign things from scratch and don’t need to invest in manufacturing as expected. A large segment of the fashion industry

Selecting the Right Pair of Leather Motorcycle Pants

Leather Motorcycle pants are extremely essential for the riders to have a comfortable and secure ride. The old riders must be familiar with the significance and benefits of Leather Motorcycle Pants but if you are new to the crew then there are a few pointers that must be kept in mind as to why and how to get an excellent quality pair of leather motorcycle pants which is definitely not an easy task.

There are several factors like durability, comfort level as well as the style that needs to be addressed before buying one. So here we are with some important suggestions that will help you to make the profitable investment in terms of safety, comfort, and life in the right pair of the leather motorcycle pants.

Simple tips to buy Leather Motorcycle Pants:

  • A Perfect Fit:

Choose a pant which fits well on you. Either small or large in size, it will create discomfort while riding your bike. Therefore it is always recommended to wear the pants and test it for seated position. As you have to sit on the bike with same sitting posture for long, thus, it should be comfortable and ensures flexibility.

  • Get a genuine one:

It is advisable to go for

What Type of Dresses You Should Own in Every Color

Regardless of how many dresses you have, there always seems to be the perfect one missing in your wardrobe. Nevermind the occasion, you must buy one more and it has to be in a colour different from all the other dresses you have. The possibilities for combining them all with proper footwear and jewelry are immense and if you add to it the makeup and hairstyles, only the sky is the limit.

1. Dress for everyday
Casual dresses are every woman’s best friend when it comes to more laid-back days, when all you have to do is take the children to school or do light shopping errands. In the case of these dresses, their shape / model clearly defines their purpose and avoiding strong colour combinations is a way to go.

The monochromatic models are a sure thing when it comes to fitting them into every combination, and if you haven’t had enough time to prepare for leaving the house, but you would still like to be stylish and noticed, choose a good colour and jewellery combination. Opt for stronger colours and / or more of accent jewelry if you would like to shift the attention to the combination without making yourself