What Type of Dresses You Should Own in Every Color

Regardless of how many dresses you have, there always seems to be the perfect one missing in your wardrobe. Nevermind the occasion, you must buy one more and it has to be in a colour different from all the other dresses you have. The possibilities for combining them all with proper footwear and jewelry are immense and if you add to it the makeup and hairstyles, only the sky is the limit.

1. Dress for everyday
Casual dresses are every woman’s best friend when it comes to more laid-back days, when all you have to do is take the children to school or do light shopping errands. In the case of these dresses, their shape / model clearly defines their purpose and avoiding strong colour combinations is a way to go.

The monochromatic models are a sure thing when it comes to fitting them into every combination, and if you haven’t had enough time to prepare for leaving the house, but you would still like to be stylish and noticed, choose a good colour and jewellery combination. Opt for stronger colours and / or more of accent jewelry if you would like to shift the attention to the combination without making yourself disappear. Coming in all hues and shades, these dresses are really everybody’s best friend.

2. Dress for success
On more special summer days, for an occasional cup of coffee or a light brunch with close friends, floral dresses are a sure thing. Considering the sheer varieties of colours, shapes and materials, no wonder these dresses fit into every occasion.

Consider the powerful colour combinations of yellows, reds and blues in these dresses for relaxed summer evenings, not-so-casual dinners in local restaurants or a cocktail or two to relax from everyday stresses. Fluttery as they are, and in vivid colours, these dresses are sure to attract the eyes of passers-by and make you feel light and unburdened. Consider the lighter tones of yellow and pink for days out and somewhat darker hues of blue or red for meeting with friends in late afternoons and evenings.

3. Dress to impress
Tight dresses, on the other hand, are a way to go on more formal occasions: your friend’s wedding party, a graduation dinner or a banquet to celebrate your husband’s promotion to name but a few. Furthermore, they are perfect for night occasions and their elegant form is a canvas to bring to the full light your more delicate jewellery.

The colour palette here is more restricted than in other kinds of dresses. Consider a light cream dress for a wedding occasion, a scarlet red if you want to be in the spotlight of the night or a black tight dress (the little black dress) for all occasions: the most elegant one, it will definitely take over your looks and send a strong statement.